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Eye & Vision Exams

Eye & Vision Exams

Eye exams are a crucial part of maintaining eye health. At Central Nassau Optical, we always strive to provide compassionate, comprehensive eye care to every member of your family. Not only are regular visits important for maintaining the proper prescription in your lenses, or detecting if you need to begin wearing glasses, but they also give our optometrist the chance to detect a range of health conditions. Since vision problems do not always have obvious symptoms, routine visits with our doctor mean that we can diagnose problems early that might otherwise go undetected until they are quite advanced.

Eye Exams and Eye Health

Having healthy eyes are essential to your well-being. Through sight, we are able to interact with the world in a way that cannot be achieved through any of our other senses. With regular vision tests, eye tests, and eye health evaluations, you can maintain healthy eyes, protecting your vision.

What Happens at an Eye Exam

Our eye doctors at Central Nassau Optical will begin an eye examination by asking you about your medical history and if you have ever experienced vision problems. Take your current glasses or contacts with you so your eye doctor can see if a change in prescription is needed.

As part of the eye exam, your eye doctor may perform a variety of tests such as a glaucoma test (which measures inner eye pressure), a visual acuity test, and a refraction test.

These tests will allow your doctor to determine if you need a follow-up vision test or whether you need glasses or contact lenses. You might have to adjust your prescription if you wear glasses or contact lenses.

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Regular eye exams are beneficial and painless. It is our goal to make you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Contact our Levittown optometrists today to schedule a comprehensive eye examination.

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